Top 5 Best Baseball Gloves In 2019

For a pitcher or a fielder, the baseball glove is the most important game gear. It not only protects the palm for high impact of the ball but also gives a better grip on the ball. It can prevent you from major injuries and setbacks and can prolong your career. Different baseball gloves have different patented design and technology to enhance to the performance of the player. We have listed the best baseball gloves from the best baseball glove brands below. All of them are highly durable and have all the essential features that one looks for in a baseball glove.

1. Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series

The product features under Amazon’s Choice for the youth baseball glove category. It is undoubted the best youth baseball glove in terms of quality and ratings. There are various colors and sizes available for a perfect fit. This one is specifically 11 inches and has a soft and pliable shell. The basket-web will give you a better grip of the ball.

Besides, the patented Neo-Flex back offers comfort and the Velcro strap ensures a custom fit. Moreover, the soft inner lining is very comfortable for the player and it comes in game-ready design. This is a highly durable product and gives a professional feel.

2. Rawlings Renegade Series Baseball Gloves

This baseball glove is available in different basket web sizes. This is an adult baseball glove which is perfect for recreational games. With this, you will be getting an adjustable fit with its Velcro strap and neo-flex. It will give you better impact protection with its cushioned leather palm. The glove is one of the best baseball gloves available currently.

With this, you can play in any position when you are in the field. This is available in two different colors and comes game-ready. This is constructed to give you comfort and is also a durable product. The pocket is very flexible and deep in this glove and will provide you with optimal balance.

3. Mizuno Prospect Baseball Glove

This is a trendy looking glove which is available in many different colors. The baseball glove comes with Power Close technology and is ideal for making a catch. You get better fit as it has power lock wrist strap. This is also a durable product and is made up of leather grain shell.

This is very comfortable as it has butter soft palm liner along with MZO lining. You can select from the many different sizes available and will protect you when you are in the field. It will also protect your skin and will disperse perspiration away. In fact, many consider this as the best youth baseball glove.

4. Wilson Baseball Glove

This glove has been designed to enhance the performance of a youth baseball player. This will help in improving their game and is available in different sizes. The palm is made up of pigskin leather and it also includes a loop strap. This will secure your hands when you are in the field and will also increase your chances of getting a catch.

This has an ASO web and is a durable product. This is lightweight and is well constructed with laces. The value for money product is a perfect item to gift someone. This is a great quality glove which comes in many different patterns. It gives a professional feeling and there are various colors available.

5. Franklin Sports Baseball Glove

Franklin Sports is one of the best baseball glove brands. This is a ready-to-play baseball glove which can be used directly in the playfield. It comes in three different sizes and has got a synthetic leather palm. With this, you will be getting customizable thumb adjustment as it comes with contour fit system. You will also get a custom fit and will allow you to perform better.

Your chances of missing a catch will get reduced with this glove. This is also durable and is a value for money product. This will serve your purpose and is also lightweight. This is ideal for catching and throwing the ball. It is one of the most attractive gloves on the list.


Before you can buy a baseball glove for you or your kids, you need to have some idea about its parts. A baseball glove consists of four different parts namely the webbing, fingers, palm, and the hell. The webbing has to be great for an easy catch. The palm has to be impact resistant, the fingers enhance the grip and the heel must be flexible. The above-listed best baseball gloves are suitable for pitchers and fielders at any position whether it is a pitcher, first base, outfielder, and others. They are highly durable with superior construction and ultimate comfort.

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