Best Slow Pitch Softball Bats for 2019

The softball is a variant of baseball and the difference lies in the style of pitching the ball. There are two types of softball game available – fastpitch and slowpitch. The slowpitch softball game is very popular among the youth and kids. The ball is pitched at a slower speed and the high arc length is from 6 to 12 foot. There is no concept of bunting and the innings are generally longer in slowpitch softball game due to the low speed of the ball pitched. We have listed the best slow pitch softball bats top opt for if you or your kids are interested in the game.

1. Miken Freak Maxload Kevin Filby Signature Model

This is the best slowpitch softball bat by far. It comes with the unique Triple Matrix Core construction. The material used is aerospace grade and there are no wall seams. It is designed to enhance your performance and accuracy. The durability is unmatched and the handle is optimized for maximizing the speed and better hitting chance.

The look and the feel of the bat are outstanding and you can play professionally with this bat. It is a certified Miken high-performance slowpitch softball bat. The fiber in the bat is absolutely premium and the company offers one year warranty on the product.

2. Miken Supermax Denny Crine Signature Model

This slow pitch softball bat is made up of aerospace grade material and will maximize your performance. It is very durable and is created with the breakthrough carbonized process. The bat has a comfortable handle and will let you have full control of the speed. Moreover, it is very lightweight and is manufactured in the United States.

This comes with the Triple Matrix Core and has also got the technology of Flex 2 Power (F2P). It is ideal for practice and is available in many different sizes. It is one of the best slowpitch softball bats available in the market and has got many pops.

3. Louisville Slugger Solo Z Power Load Slow Pitch Bat

With this slow pitch softball bat, you will be able to maximize your performance when you are in the field. With the enhanced sweet spot, there will be more hitting surface and reduced chances of miss hits. This has been approved for play in the ISA, NSA, and USSSA.

The bat comes in three different sizes and has a very sporty look. This is lightweight and has power loaded swing weight. It will create more backspin and allow you to perform better. This will also let you have a consistent performance and comes with a friction blast finish.

4. Easton Salvo Composite Slow-Pitch Softball Bat

This is a trendy looking slow pitch softball bat which is available in three different sizes. This will optimize your performance and has got a thin handle which is very comfortable to hold. In this, there is an enlarged sweet spot and the barrel length is of 12 inches. It has been approved for play in the USSSA, ISF, NSA, and ISA.

The composite barrel along with the handle-tried will ensure that you do not get miss hits. The grip is also amazing and will provide you with the exact amount of comfort. With this, there will be increased control and your ability to perform better will be highly increased. It is definitely one of the best slow pitch softball bats.

5. DeMarini Dinger Slinger Slow Pitch Bat

This slow pitch softball bat has been approved for NSA and USSSA play and creates a responsive sweet spot. It is designed to enhance your performance and is perfect for hitting low compression balls. This has the ZnX alloy handle which increases the durability and stiffness.

You can select from three different weights according to your own preference. This has also got a dish end cap and will drive more energy towards the back. With this, you can flip the ball just like a toss and is perfect for practice. It is undoubtedly one of the most affordable and best slow pitch softball bats on the list. The print on the bat is also very attractive and comes with a warranty of a year.


If you are aspiring to play for a league, you should make sure that the bat you are about to buy meets the standard of the league. A slow pitch softball bat generally has the barrel diameter of 2.25 inches, the length is 34 inches and it weighs around 26 to 30 ounces. If you are looking for the best slowpitch softball bat, you need to buy the one that has evenly distributed weight, better grip, faster swing and more control.

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